Why Electric Utility Vehicles Are Better Than Gas Vehicles

Electric Utility Vehicles Vs. Gas Utility Vehicles

Utility vehicles can be found roaming college campuses, strolling down country club greens, hauling equipment on construction sites or warehouses, and towing several tons of resources within a plant. These vehicles are powerful and versatile machines designed to transport, carry, tow, and move personnel and equipment. Electric and gas are the two types of utility vehicles in the industry, and each one contains its pros and cons that will benefit your company. Yet, It is widely believed that gas utility vehicles are stronger and more dependable than electric. However, that is further from the case. Especially when dealing with Columbia Parcar Electric Utility Vehicles.

With its durable metal chassis and body, superior electric motor and battery, and it’s personal service and care, the Columbia electric utility vehicle is the most exceptional work vehicle on the market today. But don’t take our word for it. Here are some reasons why our Columbia electric utility vehicles are better and more efficient than internal combustion vehicles.

Why Electric Utility Vehicles Work!

Convenience – Columbia Vehicles are accessible for the entire day. Each electric vehicle includes a charger, which can be plugged into any standard outlet until it is fully charged. And don’t worry about overcharging the unit. Once it is fully charged, the outlet will automatically shut off. With the ability to function all day, workers benefit by not having to work on the perimeter of their worksite, but instead have front door access to the retrospected work site.

Saves Time and Money – In this video from Columbia U.S.A. Jim Ruby, an Assistant Director of Fleet Services for the University of California – San Diego, explains how a gas utility vehicle was costing them about 30 – 35 cents/a mile per fuel. That’s ridiculous, especially when an electric utility vehicle costs only 3 cents/a mile. Another benefit of electric vehicles is each unit does not require refueling, liquid propane tanks, and can run on a full day of work. An Electric Utility vehicle’s motor is three times more efficient than a gas motor. Thus, 75% of its energy is transferred from the electric motor to its tires, meaning an electric vehicle can travel longer, faster and is more durable than a gas unit. With help from its engine, an electric utility vehicle can go up to 40 miles on one charge.

Service and Environment

Little Maintenance – Don’t worry about oil changes, transmission fluids, and fluid services with an electric utility vehicle. In fact, with less moving parts and zero spark plugs, these machines hardly require any repairs to keep these vehicles in operation.

Operation – Electrics are easy to use and are very quiet. Forward/stop/reverse functions apply with a flip of a switch, making them efficient and straightforward. These vehicles contain a lot more torque instead of gas utility vehicles. Each motor applies its full torque with an acceleration, thus giving each electric the ability to pull up to 5000 lbs of force. What’s even more amazing is an electric can carry 1500 pounds while accelerating up to 25 mph. That’s some strength.

Eco-friendly – Electric utility vehicles lower greenhouse gas emissions and the carbon footprint. These machines produce zero gas emissions and are perfect for public spaces, interior use, crowded facilities, parks, golf courses, retail centers, airports, and more.

It’s time to contradict that stereotype about electric utility vehicles being not as powerful and robust as gas utility vehicles. These machines are designed for all-day use no matter indoor or outdoor. They can tow up to 5000 lbs and can legally travel on roads at speeds up to 35 mph. No vehicle works harder, longer, and safer than a Columbia USA electric work vehicle! Notably, not gas utility vehicles.


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