Why Would you use an Electric Pallet Jack

Why Would you use an Electric Pallet Jack?

An Electric Pallet Jack is a low-level lifting machine used for moving palletized products from one area to another with relative ease, which is similar to the Hand Pallet Truck. A Toyota Hand Pallet Truck (HPT) can lift heavier loads, making it better suited for shorter run times and quick material handling jobs. So, why would you use an Electric Pallet Jack?

The answer is quite simple, the Electric Pallet Jack takes the strain off the operator, making it ideal for mid-distance runs and ease of operation when working on trailers, dock plates, and ramps or slopes.

Even though HPT’s can lift a more massive load than the Electric Pallet Jack, the operator exerts more energy and strength while using an HPT. An Electric Pallet Jack contains an electric disc brake and an anti-rollback system that conveniently assists in keeping a load stationary during a transition from braking to moving. If an operator is using an HPT, he will have to maintain the stability of the load through physical exertion or by setting the load down, which delays production.

Here are four more benefits to using an Electric Pallet Jack

1. Fits your Budget

If the stacking product is not a requirement, and Electric Pallet Jack may meet the needs of your application. On average, it offers a savings of 65% compared to a similar capacity sit-down forklift.

2. Reduces your HPT Fleet

Purchasing one Electric Pallet Jack can replace several Hand Pallet Trucks. While Hand Pallet Jacks are inexpensive in initial cost, the lost productivity can easily justify a powered pallet jack.

3. Uses Electric Power

The use of electric power versus internal combustion forklifts offers the advantages of quieter operation and a lack of fumes. This is important if your operator is moving product in an enclosed area. Electric powered products also have a lower operating and maintenance expense when compared to IC units.

4. Stronger Ergonomics

Having the product lifted and propelled by a powered motor instead of the operator reduces the back strain and fatigue experienced by operators of hand pallet trucks. Your company may experience a reduction of reported injuries.

Electric Pallet Jacks are used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and storage facilities. These machines are the most common and essential pieces of equipment in the material handling industry. Sometimes it’s the small things that make a difference, but these benefits and features are why you should use an Electric Pallet Jack. If you’re not sure which product is the match for your operation, please contact us today!

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