Disc Scrubbers vs Cylindrical Scrubbers

Choosing the correct scrubber: Disc Scrubbers vs. Cylindrical Scrubbers

Industrial floor scrubbers clean the hard surfaces of every industry and public facility. Due to their environmental-friendly impact, ease of use, efficiency, and productivity, scrubbers feed a solution of water and chemicals from a storage tank onto the floor and scrub the surface. PowerBoss scrubbers have a connected squeegee, which suctions a hose onto the ground and removes the dirty solution. Its brushes sweep the floors providing a dry and safe surface in a single pass. However, there are two different types of scrubbers, and each works in a variety of various applications. Therefore, choosing the correct scrubber can make a difference for your company. Here are all the factors you should consider when deciding between disc scrubbers vs. cylindrical scrubbers.

Cylindrical Scrubbers

Cylindrical scrubbers feed water down the drip trough to the scrub head. Two long, tube-shaped brushes follow, and the front brush turns forward while the rear brush turns backward. The second brush is capable of picking up small debris and throwing it into a hopper behind the scrub head, while the first brush scrubs. It’s typically turning at a faster rate than disc scrubbers, around 600-800 RPM.

Cylindrical scrubbers are ideal for cleaning uneven or rough floors and facilities with large amounts of debris, like wood shavings, metal, glass, or plastic filings. They are often used in industrial plants, manufacturing facilities, parking facilities, and food/beverage processing plants.

What’s very important about cylindrical scrubbers is that they eliminate the need for pre-sweeping, which saves time, money and improves production. They tend to be more expensive than disc scrubbers but have a higher cost of ownership.

Benefits of Cylindrical Scrubbers

  • Sweeps while scrubbing
  • Dust-free sweeping because of water
  • Polishes sealed floors due to higher RPM
  • RPM + 700
  • Motor-driven brushes
  • Better cleaning of grooves and grout lines

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Disc Scrubbers

Disc scrubbers use two flat pads with brushes that rotate while water is dispensed in the center of each scrub to the floor. They generally feed the water down to the center of the two discs turning around 300 RPM. PowerBoss disc scrubbers also are capable of driving pad holders. Pad holders can be outfitted with abrasive scrubbing pads that are capable of doing everything from buffing a floor to stripping off old wax.  In general, disc scrubbers apply more pressure to the ground and use less water than cylindrical scrubbers.

Disc scrubbers are ideal for cleaning flat and smooth floors, especially floors without debris. They are often used in facilities with pre-swept levels in industries such as retail, education, healthcare, and other institutions.

What’s very important about disc scrubbers is that its versatility and cleaning performance on smooth floors provides lower solution flow rates, enabling more significant savings in labor, water, and chemicals. However, they do tend to require sweeping before scrubbing.

Benefits of Disc Scrubbers

  • Higher down pressure
  • Useful for removing thick build-up
  • Pad driver capability for polishing and buffing
  • Average RPM around 300
  • Gear-driven brushes
  • Gimble mounted for uneven floors

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PowerBoss Equipment with Cylindrical Scrubbing

PowerBoss Equipment with Disc Scrubbing

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