Different Types of Material Handling Equipment You Can Rent

Anyone who has ever managed a warehouse or similar facility knows that there are many moving parts involved in material handling. While all these pieces keep a warehouse going, they can be a large investment of your facility’s time and effort.

That’s why so many facilities turn toward renting equipment to help manage finances. Knowing the different types of material handling equipment you can rent will help you transition to equipment rental.


Forklifts are some of the largest investments your company can make—and some of the most necessary. They save countless hours by moving large amounts of heavy products to unreachable heights. Reasons to rent forklifts are numerous. You can rent nearly any type of forklift, including:

  • Electric reach trucks
  • Pneumatic tire forklifts
  • Electric sit-down forklifts
  • Stand-up rider forklifts
  • Cushion tire forklifts

This way, you can acquire exactly what you need to fit your facility’s unique layout.

Pallet Jacks

While forklifts carry the brunt of materials in a warehouse or distribution center, smaller items don’t necessarily need the support of a forklift. This is when pallet jacks come into play. Pallet jacks allow employees to move smaller loads through tight spaces. This helps eliminate worker strain for tasks that would otherwise require manual labor.

Scissor Lifts

Not every piece of equipment in a warehouse handles materials directly. Some maintain the facility so employees can continue handling the materials. Scissor lifts are a good example. Scissor lifts allow employees to perform facility maintenance tasks more easily, such as:

  • Installing shelving and scaffolding
  • Replacing ceiling lights
  • Repairing AC units or ceiling fans
  • Constructing new additions to a warehouse
  • Cleaning hard-to-reach places

Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Along the lines of facility maintenance, you can also rent industrial floor sweepers and washers to help keep your warehouse or distribution center’s floors clean. This is invaluable to the safety of your facility, as you reduce the risk of falls and forklift and lift truck accidents. Having a clean environment also helps promote employee morale.

With so many different types of material handling equipment available for rent, switching to equipment rental is simpler than most people realize. Our Toyota forklift rental services in Ohio offer all of these materials and more so your facility can function properly.