Customize Utility Vehicles for Your Operation

Customize Utility Vehicles to Fit Your Ideal Operation!

If you need it, TMHOH can build it.

We are an official dealer of Columbia utility vehicles and we specialize in meeting the needs of a unique work environment. These vehicles can be designed, customized and adapted to match your specific needs for your work environment.

Recently, we had the opportunity of selling a payloader that was designed to exchange and recycle coolant from industrial plants while utilizing a 300 gallon tank. Originally, our customer knew what they needed but didn’t believe it could be done. However, with Columbia Vehicles you can customize utility vehicles any way you need it. if you dream it… it can be done.

No request is too simple or too complex for consideration. Columbia Vehicles has had years of experience designing custom transportation solutions. Check out some previous projects below.



Columbia Custom Vehicles


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TMHOH Aichi Next Level Leasing Event Extended Through June 30, 2019

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