Cushion Vs Pneumatic Tires

Cushion Vs. Pneumatic Tires

When purchasing or renting a forklift, you have to consider the type of forklift. Do you want a pneumatic forklift, cushion forklift, or rough-terrain forklift? Forklifts are categorized by tire type, and choosing the correct tire type is essential for your industry. Once you select a tire type, you cannot switch it because each tire requires a different frame, and it’s not interchangeable. Rough-terrain forklifts are commonly understood for being used outdoors in rougher terrain, but there still is some confusion about the differences between a cushion and a pneumatic tire. Cushion vs. Pneumatic, which tire is most useful for your forklift?

Cushion Forklift Tires

If most of your production is taking place indoors or with outdoor light usage on asphalt, then cushion tires are your selection. Cushion forklift tires are made of smooth solid rubber, have a smaller chassis, and sit much lower to the ground than pneumatic forklift tires. These tires are best used on smooth surface applications due to their excellent traction and long self-life.

We recommend using these tires to drive on dirt, rough terrain or grass, due to its little ground clearance. It’s best to keep them on smooth grounds, loading docks, and in areas in which you need to make a small turning radius.

Forklifts with cushion style tires are less expensive and are much more accessible than pneumatic style lifts.

Benefits of Cushion Tires

  • Cost
  • Maneuverability
  • Quiet
  • Durability
  • Lower Clearance

Pneumatic Forklift Tires

Similar to a car or a truck, pneumatic tires are ideal for outdoor use on gravel or in yard work. These tires tend to perfect for farmers or construction site production. Pneumatics provide a firm grip on uneven surfaces and are longer and broader than cushion tire lifts. Pneumatic forklift tires are primarily used outdoors.

There are two types of pneumatic tires – Solid and Air. Solid pneumatic tires are more expensive than air because they cannot be punctured, gouged, poped, or damaged. They are %100 rubber and are ideal for lumber and scrap yards. Air pneumatics work well outdoors on asphalt, in gravel, and on grassy yards. However, air tires can be damaged. It’s easy for these tires to be punctured, so you’ll want to make sure your work area is free of sharp objects.

Benefits of Pneumatic Tires

  • Versatility
  • Production
  • Smooth Ride
  • Dependable

Deciding Cushion vs. Pneumatic tires can be a tough decision. Both cushion and pneumatic tire forklifts hold any load capacity (from less than 2,000 pounds to more 200,000 pounds.) Pneumatic tires tend to be higher in demand but are dependable, productive, provide excellent quality, and are versatile. You will receive a high return on investment with this tire type.

Cushion tires are perfect for any indoor need, especially if your working in a smaller and smoother work environment. Before you make your decision, you need to evaluate your work area. Start by determining how your forklift will be used. Then consider the capacity of your forklift along with any multi-use functions you may need.

Need more information about your tires? Please contact us today, and our tire experts will assess your needs and help you select the right option.

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