Commonly Asked Questions About Forklifts

Purchasing a forklift for your business is a big decision. It can significantly optimize your inventory process, saving you ample amounts of time as a result. As such, it’s essential to understand the product you commit to buying. Here are some commonly asked questions about forklifts that will help start your research.

How do I decide which model to purchase?

The type of forklift you ultimately buy should be a model that adequately caters to your business’s needs. So, to be confident in this decision, you should take the time to identify what those needs are. This process might include researching the different classes of forklifts to find one that relates best to your work environment and business goals.

Is specific training required for each type of forklift?

The short answer to this question is yes. Even if your operators have already undergone forklift training, they must receive additional training that corresponds with the new forklift model. While similar in operation, each class is a different size and requires practice and adjusted procedures to operate correctly. To learn more about forklift training, click here.

What do I look for when buying a used forklift?

To save a bit of extra cash on forklift equipment, many business owners often choose to buy them used. While a perfectly viable option, it’s vital that you take extra care to check the product for deficiencies before you purchase it. Some crucial components to examine are the battery, brakes, steering, and moving sections of the mast.

Should I purchase an electric forklift?

Typically, this is entirely dependent on where the machine will be used the most. If you need forklifts for indoor use, opt for electric models to keep the air clean. Outdoor forklifts utilize propane and diesel fuel, which are more likely to emit emissions and gas, which could affect your indoor warehouse.

If you don’t want to commit to buying your forklift right away, consider rental options instead. At Toyota Material Handling Ohio, our mission is to supply you with that opportunity. Our forklift rental services will provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision for your business.



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Whether your team needs forklifts every day or on rare occasion, renting forklifts may be the best fiscal option. Download TMHOH’s Complete Guide to Renting Forklifts to better understand how forklift rentals can be the best option for you.

What Is Toyota 360 Support?

The Toyota 360 Promise

Want to make sure your Toyota keeps running like…well, a Toyota. That’s where the Toyota 360 support plan makes a difference for your company. It’s designed to save you money on forklift service, save you downtime, and save you headaches. Toyota 360 support provides full-circle maintenance for your forklift fleet.