If you are looking for an efficient and ultimate solution in industrial floor cleaning, try the Combination Sweeper-Scrubbers series. These machines are designed to give the operator the ability to hydraulically high dump heavy debris while aggressively scrubbing.







Nautilus Series

Are you looking for a sweeper-scrubber designed to provide an efficient, smooth, and innovative power clean for your industry? Look no further than the Nautilus Scrubber Series. These machines are capable of removing build-up from floors or restoring the polish to a high-gloss finish, and the powerful vacuum leaves floors immediately dry.

The Nautilus products feature a quick load hopper that can be moved thanks to our Easy Roll Casters effortlessly, and disposing of debris is safe and straightforward thanks to the Safety Dump debris trays that are standard on every Nautilus. The quick view squeegee makes it easy to adjust, inspect and remove the squeegee, and the optional heavy-duty edge scrub does cleaning near rack rows and walls more effortless than ever before. Made to last, the Nautilus features a stainless steel scrub deck, side and rear squeegee frame, debris hopper, and squeegee attachment bands.

Admiral Series

Do you need a solution for scrubbing floors every day? The Admiral Series is specifically designed to get the job done quickly and efficiently. The operator rides in complete comfort, cutting down on fatigue and increasing productivity.

It’s one of the most potent rider scrubbers in the industry. Admiral products provide maximum sweeping with intensive scrubbing, dust control, and perfect vacuuming in one bypass. The operator also has a clear line of sight on both the left and the right sides, allowing for increased safety and more professional cleaning results.

Commander T90 Series

The Commander T90’s wide sweep path covers a remarkable 67,000 square feet per hour, and the optional side brush boosts the size of the sweep path from 42 inches to 54 inches. The hydraulically-powered impeller delivers outstanding water pickup, and this model features a heavy-duty air cleaner and a four-cylinder engine.