Five Reasons to Buy or Rent the Aichi E-Series Scissor Lift

The Aichi E-Series Scissor Lift is an impressive machine. With its thoughtful engineering and versatility, Aichi E-Series Scissor Lifts are dependable solutions for many access issues within your facilities. True to our Toyota roots, quality, durability, reliability, value and overall safety are manufactured into every one of our lifts.

Discover our five reasons to buy or rent an Aichi E-Series Scissor Lift:

  1. Accessibility – When maintenance issues arise in your work space that require high-reaching applications, the Aichi E-Series Scissor lift can provide the access needed to solve the problem. Each model allows lowering of handrails that help them fit through a doorway, and a zero-degree inside turning radius makes it easy to maneuver through buildings with many different configurations. The SV1930E is the most nimble offering with the ability to fit through a standard doorway without lowing the guardrails.
  2. Versatility – In addition to reaching higher for access, an Aichi E-Series Scissor Lift provides a variety of added capabilities. A roll-out platform extension helps you to reach across objects for access. A wealth of options, from high capacity batteries to a platform air line or panel carrier, allow you to customize the lift for many different tasks.
  3. Serviceability – Your maintenance is made easier thanks to slide-out battery trays and a high-efficiency charger. The AC drive motor is brush-less and requires less maintenance than DC equivalents. Oil-free bushings in the scissor structure limit required maintenance. Hydraulic oil levels can be easily checked without the use of tools or having to lift up the platform for access.
  4. Right tool for the right job – With five versatile models offering a wide variety of platform widths, lengths, heights and weight capacities, you can select the right tool to meet your needs.
  5. Safety – Standard features of the Aichi Scissor Lift help meet operators’ safety needs. Pothole protectors reduce ground clearance of the scissor lift and keep it from additional movement when in use. An anti-rollback function keeps the lift in place if stopped on a ramp, and controlled descent automatically slows the unit down when travelling down a grade. All Aichi Scissor Lifts also come standard with a tilt alarm, drive and lift cut out and reduced travel speed when the platform is elevated to further promote your operator’s safety.

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