Safety for a Better Tomorrow – Infographic

Forklift Safety for a Better Tomorrow

Forklifts are vital tool for productivity, and with thousands of forklifts being used every day the chances of an operator or pedestrian getting injured is substantially high. That is why safety awareness is essential and important for operators and pedestrians to be trained on what to be aware for and how to use a forklift. With the large amount of need, often times operators are not trained correctly to operate a forklift. About 95,000 forklift accidents occur each year in the United States, and 20,000 of those accidents result in injury. Training is the number one reason help provide forklift safety for a better tomorrow.

Toyota designs our forklifts with the idea of ultimate safety. They designed Toyota’s System of Active Stability which helps reduce the risk of tip-overs, but that does not mean there is any lessen amount of responsibility for operators. Operators must not become dependent on forklift equipment features that can give a false sense of security, but instead they must rely on the importance of forklift training. Below is our infographic, which details the importance of forklift training and provides the statistics, which proves Toyota forklifts are the safest and most dependable forklifts in the industry.

Better Tomorrow Safety


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