Best Battery Solutions For Your Forklift

What are the best battery solutions for your forklift?

The forklift market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 6.4% by 2024. This key trend predicts a positive growth of forklift truck markets worldwide. With nearly 1 in 5 forklifts being electrically powered, the share and usage of electric forklifts in logistics is only going to continue to grow. Thus, understanding the best battery solutions for your forklift is essential to delivering an efficient energy-intensive operation.

Battery-powered electric forklifts must be resupplied with power quickly and reliably after their period of service. For this process, which in certain circumstances may occur several times a day, there are numerous solutions for your forklift fleet.

Top Battery Solutions


Systemizer Xpress

Want to minimize your operating costs? The Systemizer Xpress is the ideal solution for you with its lower energy consumption and greater availability system. This battery contains a long life expectancy, avoids insufficient charging/overloading and improves safety when used.



Trak Powerpack Lion

The Trak Powerpack Lion is an universal lithium-ion battery solution and is ideally suited for multi-shift applications. Customers can adapt this battery to meet their needs. It’s considered to have a longer lifespan in contrast to lead-acid batteries, can be used in a broad temperature range and provides low operating costs.


Trak Powerpack

It’s a unique solution for on-board pallet trucks. Due to its AGM technology, the Trak Powerpack is suitable for opportunity charging on a prolonged shift. With a long life expectancy, maximum availability of the vehicle and no need for centralized charging stations, this battery is perfect for marketplaces, grocery stores, airports or anywhere that provides light lifting use.


Trak FNC

Do yo need to run vehicles over 24/7 without changing a battery? Then the Trak FNC is your unique solution! Combined with a microprocessor-regulated charger and battery control unit, the Trak FNC utilizes opportunity charging to run for full 24-hour cycles. This battery may be used under severe conditions, used in cold stores, provides maximum vehicle availability, operating reliability and cost savings.


Mobile Turnkey Charging Station

The Trak Systemizer Powercube

A turnkey solution for charging and changing traction batteries, the Trak Systemizer Powercube is a mobile charging station with an integrated ventilation system, heater, lighting and other special features. This system allows your fleet’s energy supply to be ensured centrally and locally.



Manual Battery Handling Units


The Trak Xchange TU System

Suitable for 12V and 24V batteries, the Trak Xchange TU System is specially designed for pallet trucks and low level order pickers with roller bed extraction. The trolleys are fitted with a double roller bed for quick battery changing. A locking device ensures safe transit of the battery, and it incorporates a system to overcome tyreware offering height and tilt adjustment.


The Trak Xchange MU System

This battery handling unit is appropriate for users with up to 10 batteries in operation and suitable for batteries up to 750 kg when used with a hand pallet truck, or up to 2,500 kg when used with a powered truck. It’s adjustable lifting makes the system suitable for all kind of trucks equipped with a roller bed extraction. The MU system incorporates gearing which minimizes the physical efforts when moving and replacing batteries. A locking device also ensures safe transit of the battery.


The Trak Xchange PU System

Appropriate for users with 10 to 20 batteries in the operation and for batteries up to 2,500 kg. This handling unit is mounted to a powered pallet truck with adjustable lifting which makes the system suitable for all kinds of trucks. It contains a magnetic or vacuum extraction head that ensures safe transit of battery changing.



Finding the right battery for your energy-solution warehouse is never an easy task. We along with Hoppecke batteries is here to help! For more information contact us below or visit our Batteries/Chargers Page!

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