Enjoy 5%*, 10%* or even 12%* off forklift tires this September!

Toyota Material Handling Ohio and Camso are offering customers discounts on forklift tires all September, 2021.

5%* off entire order of 2 tires
10%* off entire order of 4 or more tires
12%* off entire order if we replace a competitor's tire with a Camso premium tire (RES, PON)**

*Promotional Pricing locked in until December 31st, 2021 with minimum purchase of 2 tires before September 30th, 2021
**Promotional pricing is for standard forklifts only
***Rodaco tires are excluded from 12% off premium discount

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Toyota Material Handling Ohio and Camso are here to help you prepare your fleet for a successful season.

Improve work site safety:

– Worn or damaged tires can cause your lift truck’s center of gravity to shift outside of the stability triangle and cause a tragic tip over accident.
– Excess tire wear can cause your lift truck to set lower to the ground, resulting in premature fork wear and costly replacement due to dragging (OSHA requires forks to be replaced at 10% wear).
– Tires provide cushioning for the lift truck. As tires wear, the truck vibrates more (often causing hoses and components to loosen or require adjustment) and becomes vulnerable to avoidable steer axle related repairs.

Improve forklift operator productivity:

– Worn tires create rough ride and fatigue for your operators, resulting in reduced productivity and poor morale.

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